Everyone is welcome to contribute to this wiki, either directly through the GitLab repository or by sending an email with a link to the page and the suggested edits to review.


Please make sure you review the definitions, why this wiki exists and the principles & values which are the foundation of the wiki.


You can edit the content and submit a merge request for us to review.

Board of Editors

Our aim is to ensure the knowledge in this wiki is well curated. Our editing board consists of representatives from the relevant knowledge-holders. Further its gender balanced.

  • 2 Editors from Academia
  • 2 Editors from Civil Society
  • 2 Editors from Industry

Editors are paid for their time & effort, if there is funding available (see Financing).

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Current Editors

NameFieldCommitment to ValuesKnowledgeE-Mail
John DoeAcademiaText on valuesText on knowledge[email protected]

Selection of Editors

The first selection of editors was made by Leitmotiv. Further editors will be selected on an annual basis, or whenever someone drops out. You can apply by sending an email to [email protected]. In your email describe your alignment with our values & principles and demonstrate your knowledge which qualifies you to edit this wiki. This knowledge does not have to be software-related, any knowledge that you deem relevant and valuable is welcome!

We publish the list of editors who applied below. Please vote for the ones you’d like to see in our next board of editors.

NameFieldCommitment to ValuesKnowledgeVotes
John DoeAcademiaText on valuesText on knowledge0 (Vote)